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Internal transfers are instant and usually take no more than a few seconds. I’ve been working with this broker for almost six months, and I can say that I’ve never had any difficulties with withdrawal or deposit. I used to work with a few brokers in the past, and they didn’t provide me with the same experience, so I’m glad that I won’t have to look for the best broker and check a ton of reviews anymore. Even if you’re just a beginner, it won’t be a problem for you to start trading with this company. Our mission is to provide online investors with the most unbiased, comprehensive reviews and ratings of self-directed brokers. Vetted by multiple industry experts – including a financial research firm with more than 20 years of experience in broker ratings – Our Broker Ratings and Reviews embody industry best practices for research design.

LimeFx forex broker

They can also attract an unlimited number of investors and LimeFxs. Both PAMM accounts automatically provide income every week. Recently, many brokers have decided to charge their clients so-called „inactivity fee“, each broker has its own approach to this point. LimeFx charges 10 euros or 600 rubles for every month of inactivity until the account balance reaches zero. The inactivity fee was introduced at the end of 2017 and is still in effect today. LimeFx accounts provide full freedom with floating spreads from 0 pips, one-click trading and level 2 quotes for visibility of market depth.

This type of account is recommended for those trading large volumes, traders exercising scalping strategy, and traders with expert advisors. Yes, the broker does not have the largest list of deposit and withdrawal methods, customer support can sometimes be slow, problematic access for US and Japanese clients. But could these minor factors lead us to believe that LimeFx is a scam? You can always freely create a demo account to see for yourself the reliability of the broker and to discover new opportunities in the forex market.

Forex and financial trading in general are one of the most discussed topics on forums and social networks. It guarantees the execution of an order „at any price“ at the first available price – in other words, when the broker has enough liquidity at a certain level to execute the order. It is worth noting that during times of high market volatility, orders are likely to be affected by slippage, although as long as the broker is decent, it is always possible to execute the order at a better price. Traders who prefer to fill an order at any relatively close price should always choose Market Execution. The company claims to check all documents of new traders in less than 5 hours on average if the package of documents was submitted within a week and the application comes from an individual. Checking the documentation of corporate clients usually takes more time.

User Agreement

By opening a multi-currency bank account with a digital bank, a trader can also save on currency conversion expenses. Regarding European traders and those whose accounts are registered with lime fx UK, the European ESMA law has recently reduced the maximum permitted leverage for security reasons. LimeFx has invested in the most qualified personnel with experience in the forex sector who can effectively help clients in their various arising issues. This staff also helps in offering advisory services to the clients as well as ensuring their information and funds are kept safe.

Most of the negative reviews mention customer service, price manipulation, and occasionally unstable app performance. Positive trader reviews vary, and mostly come from traders who tend to emphasize their extensive trading experience and have actually benefited from trades. One interesting feature of LimeFx is the client’s ability to make external transfers in the brokerage system. Clients can transfer funds limefx scammers to any other client of the company without any certain restrictions. However, if the company suspects foul play, suspicious activity will be stopped and accounts will be immediately suspended and investigated. LimeFx allows traders access to 41 currency pairs, CFDs on the biggest and best known NYSE-listed companies, CFDs on Silver and Gold, CFDs on cash instruments such as WTI, BRENT, Indices and Crypto.

  • On lime fx, the average spread for the EUR/USD currency pair is 0.6 pips pips, while on LimeFx the spread is from 0.1.
  • To determine the safety of our top brokers, our experts will consider many factors.
  • Withdrawals via Skrill are subject to a 1% service fee, and withdrawals via WebMoney are subject to a 0.5% of service fee.

They currently give their traders access to more than 150 instruments, including Forex, commodities, stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies. What sets the company apart from a number of competitors is that LimeFx has its own social trading network – Share4you . It allows anyone to copy trades of successful traders and allows profitable traders to become so-called „leaders“ and share their trades with others for a generous reward. It’s a really great service that has all the necessary features for copy trading, and at the same time is very simple and intuitive.

I’m not sure how much money I’ve earned on crypto-market, but I’m sure it’s possible to earn there, unlike the mess I’ve made with Forex. Only positive moments from working with this broker, concerning any service, from the personal account to trading. Current bonuses, promotions, great deals and useful services (for example, Expert Advisors, robot analytics and VPS-hosting) of the broker can be found at There is also a fairly informative chart that compares all accounts and data related to the trading of major currencies and commodities.

LimeFx joined the sanctions and started blocking accounts in Crimea. The broker is excellent, the fact that they do not work with the Crimea, this is the 3rd case, with America too do not work))) look for other brokers if such a problem. I made good profit on the eurobak on the last trend, and once again took out a profit with three zeros during the day, it’s just great when the company is friendly with finances. It may be a passport registration, address certificate, utility bill, bank statement or utility/television/internet/telephone bill.

The fastest deposits and withdrawals 24/7

Clients can trade popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. When we refer you to LimeFx to open a new trading account or link an existing trading account under our referrer , the LimeFx pays us a commission which is mostly paid back to you in the from of cashback. Forex rebates is cash you get back (ie cash-back) for each trade you make.

Launched in 2007, LimeFx is customer- focused online trading platform that is realiable and easy to use. Then in 2013, the company introduced their social trading service, Shared4you to enable traders who have no time or experience to coppy the trades of seasoned traders and learn from their trading strategies. With PAMM accounts, traders can increase the total amount of capital they can trade with reduced leverage requirements and reduced trading risk.

LimeFx forex broker

Automatic chart analysis involves the use of automated software that can be plugged into charts as plug-ins, and this software identifies chart templates and displays their names on the charts. The trader can then already take actions based on the chart pattern created by the software. Manual chart analysis involves the trader looking at the charts to determine the directions that will serve as a guide for selecting a trading position. The cent NDD account is an account that is suitable for beginners with some slight experience and wants to trade efficiently. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. There are no minimum deposit from LimeFx but there may be minimum limits imposed by the payment provider.

Traders who are not used to instant execution should keep in mind that not every EA is capable of trading with instant execution. In addition, trading during news and high market volatility can be very difficult or even impossible because there is no guarantee that the selected price level will have enough liquidity to execute the order. The „ProSTP Markup“ affiliate program is a relatively common affiliate program, but not widely used because affiliates can choose their own markup, which creates a less favorable environment for the trader. Clients can log in with any login created and switch between affiliate accounts without leaving their accounts. LimeFx allows its clients to make internal transfers between their own trading and commission accounts.

Which broker between lime fx, LimeFx is safer?

One feature of Share4you that deserves a mention is the client’s ability to adjust the size of copied positions and set their own notes. Most platforms limit clients to a percentage distribution of copied trades, whereas Share4you allows clients to set specific numbers limiting the size of orders. In addition, Share4you provides a full report and overview of each leader, allowing you to view and copy their successful trades. lime fx provides trading platform including Standard,Razor and trading variety including –. LimeFx provides trading platform including Pro STP,Cent NDD,Classic,Cent and trading variety including –.

LimeFx forex broker

LimeFx applies swaps just like any other Forex broker – automatically at the time of rollover . Swaps are tripled from Wednesday to Thursday and increase or decrease according to national interest rates. Swaps are applied to all types of trading accounts, as accounts without swap are not available.

We have 14 new cryptos and 46 new stocks for our ProSTP traders!

Starting with the Demo account, LimeFx gives those who want to have a feel about dealing with the company an opportunity for that. The Demo account allows going on a test drive and using the virtual money in a demo environment. PAYBACKFX provides real-time reports of each of your cashback so you can be rest assured that each and every rebate you should receive is paid to your account. For example, you can receive a cashback of 0.5 pip for each EURUSD trade but no cashback for GOLD trades. Moreover, each broker has different rebates payment terms, such as payment timing (trade open/close, end of month) or trading requirements . Important to note that each broker has different cashback rates for account types and instruments.

Now summer has come and support have switched back to 5 days, probably and withdrawal temporarily on the weekend will be removed. Swap-free accounts are being given away on the promo, you need to have time to open an account before the summer starts. I am sure they will remove the negative reviews and only post positive ones. Increased accuracy of quotes — the market price for all instruments will be displayed with 5 and 3 decimal places.

LimeFx bonuses, contests and promotions

There is no swap on cent accounts, if anything do not forget to turn it off when you open an account. I recently ordered money on Saturday, and it came to the wallet in 30 minutes, I was shocked when I found out that the finance department works on weekends, this is an unreal cool option in the company. CIMB Bank, Verata Bank, BCA are just some of the online banking methods that have been created for Indonesian clients. However, bank deposits are available in a very limited number of regions, mostly in Asia and a few CIS countries.

Full functionality, as well as the ability to deposit funds, becomes available as soon as the documents are successfully checked. Withdrawal is free for credit/debit cards and e-wallets, except for Skrill and Neteller. Bank transfer withdrawal is free for EU and Australian clients. For customers outside of the EU and Australia, however, the bank withdrawal cost is $20.

Its credibility is supported by the many awards it has won and also the favorable LimeFx customer comments and reviews. Its many account types will give a client a range of choices of what to pick befitting him or her. A very recommendable trader to all types of traders both experienced, professionals and newbies. I can add that the commission is only 0.3% per transaction, while competitors take 1% and higher, we are talking about forex brokers, while crypto exchanges offer 0.1%, but there is no faith in crypto exchanges. I traded with LimeFx broker for the whole last year and I was fully satisfied with everything, no problems at all, the company is great with its services and provides high quality services to traders.

Withdrawals via Skrill are subject to a 1% service fee, and withdrawals via WebMoney are subject to a 0.5% of service fee. The minimum spread for Cent Accounts starts from 2 pips, and there is no commission. For Classic Accounts, spreads start at 2 pips, and no commissions are payable.

A bank transfer can take several business days, whereas credit/debit card payments are immediate. It offers more than 70 currency pairs and CFDs on indices, shares, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Credible liquidity providers who will step in to recover clients’ funds in case of liquidation. LimeFx is a very credible company that has managed to make a great name for itself courtesy of its versatile products that cater to or different clients‘ needs. This has made it become a global brand with a presence in most of the countries with the number of accounts being opened increasing each day. As a result, it has been forced to adapt to this changes in clients‘ numbers by expanding its operational languages to eleven languages.

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